shuttle landing

Posted by George K on Jun 25, 2007

When the shuttle lands anywhere we all stop work and watch it. I was about 300 yards from the runway and front wheel touchdown was directly in front of me. One of the perks of being on the program I suppose! Launches are, indeed, awesome but you have to see this thing falling out of the sky like a well polished anvil to really appreciate a landing. Like the launches, TV doesn't do it justice. At the current rate the shuttle will leave here on July 1st and I'll head home the following day.

George K

p.s. I know this is a kayak forum and this was slightly off topic but John Harris is a big fan of the program and I didn't think he'd mind!

p.p.s And I'm not really stuck in the dessert. Just a typo! (Smart ass.....!)

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