Re: Cab O Sil

Posted by Mac on May 28, 2007


What I've always done successfully is to lightly wet the parts to be joined with unthickened epoxy (use a paste brush), and then coat the joint with epoxy thickened to peanut butter (smooth - not crunchy!) consistency. When you pull up your stir stick the goo should just hold a peak without falling over. Make sense? Kurt Maurer has a highly technical name for this and I hope he jumps in here. This way the joint will never be starved for epoxy (dry), but will have that super-strong Cab O Sil, gap-filling weld as well. Remember to clean up any ooze or drips while still wet. Cured Cab O Sil is murder to scrape, sand or blast off.

Have fun!

Mac from Montreal

In Response to: Cab O Sil by Tony H. on May 28, 2007



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