Re: Mill Creek Seat

Posted by Ivan Roulson on May 28, 2007

We've done this and it works well - in fact I can't remember the time we last had the seats attached to the carlin. Probably means that if we roll over, the seats will float off, but I've stood up in our MC16.5 and not gone in.

We took our MC on an expedition last year along a UK canal and the river Thames. We had camping gear in the front and rear bulkheads, along with two waterproof bags between my knees (I was sat at the back, and my wife at the front). We took the seats out at night for something to sit on.

By the way, we have the MC sail kit. Don't try sailing on a canal!!! Scary and short-lived...

One day we'll get it written up - we're working on our web page at the moment.

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