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Posted by Mac on May 28, 2007


Some thoughts:

This will depend a great deal on availability of material in your area.

By the time you drive to H*ll and back looking for the right quality BS1088 plys (in the correct thicknesses), the cypress etc. You'll probably have used enough gas, and certainly time, to negate any financial savings.

Now, you may live next door to a top quality marine supplier, or you may enjoy the hunt. In that case go for it.

One more consideration - I've built 4 kayaks in my garage - one was 19' feet long. There is no way, however that I could ever have had enough room to cut pieces from 4' x 8' sheets of 4mm ply. You'll need a full sized shop with a large table / work surface, and a top-of-the-line saber saw (if you have one great! Otherwise deduct cost from your savings).

Personally, I would find the idea of accurately cutting the parts for a PAX, far more daunting than assembling a WR18 kit.

My 2 cents Canadian (and you have to pay more attention lately as the Beaver Buck is gettin' stronger!)


Mac from Montreal

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