Price of Kit vs Plans

Posted by Ingrid H on May 28, 2007

Last time I looked into this topic in detail, it was very slightly less expensive to build from plans and source my own materials. Where CLC has the advantage is in experience and efficiency. CLC can use every scrap of plywood that comes in their door by laying out cut lines to maximize the use of material over many boats. You may have to buy 4 sheets of plywood to get the parts for your project cut and have a lot of waste. CLC buys in bulk and provides the correct amount of fasteners, etc. You may have to buy more than you need and that will cost you. When you buy a kit, you are not buying any waste and you're getting a nice jumpstart on making all those parts look like a boat. Plus, I think I've heard that if you buy a kit and ruin a piece, CLC will provide you with just that part for a reasonable price. Cheap insurance for a novice builder!

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