Re: Eastport mast and boo

Posted by Camper on May 25, 2007

Some folks make masts using something called a birds-mouth joint. It takes more time but it's hollow and light, and it would sound impressive down at the dock, when you casually mention how you built it.

Like Charlie says in his post, with bird's-mouth construction you can stagger the knots, for high strength with cheaper wood.

Traditionally used to make a round mast, which looks good on a small sailboat. Parenthetically, there was a design on the web somewhere for an aerodynamic birds-mouth mast that's no more work than a round one. (Not a good choice for a pram, though--it's just the compulsive engineer in me coming out).

I will dig up the articles if you are interested, or it seems to me that Charlie Jones may have built bird's-mouth masts, so he may be someone to talk to.

In Response to: Eastport mast and boom by Steve on May 23, 2007



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