Peace Canoe = Pirogue

Posted by CLC on May 24, 2007

The Peace Canoe is essentially a pirogue, if a pirogue is a "simple flat bottomed canoe." The Peace Canoe is bigger, being intended to take a respectable payload of two or three adults.

The Peace Canoe is the first of what will be a long series of very-simple-to-build CLC boats. Besides being easy to build, there's a lot of flexibility in the materials you can use in boats like the Peace Canoe. The stitch-and-glue boats HAVE to be okoume or something very similar, just to have the right bending characteristics.

The Peace Canoe was a technology demonstrator, and has been built in big numbers---I'm getting photos from Switzerland and Australia and points in between. More boats like it are coming.

REALLY simple boat that's not ugly.

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