Re: Epoxy prep for varnis

Posted by John Beck on May 23, 2007

Doug, I'm not sure what you mean by fish eyes, but if they are small pits you can spot cover these by squeeging epoxy over the pinholes without have to recoat the whole surface.

I wish that varnish filled scratches like epoxy, but, quite to the contrary, varnish and paint highlight imperfections. Although the satin look will soften it. It's your call on how fussy you want to finish the inside, but considering the fillet joints and glass tape and general abuse the inside of a boat experiences I wouldn't be too picky.

What satin varnish will you be using? I have been unable to find any worthy marine satin varnish. I tried Epifanes Rapid Clear, but it was a nightmare to apply and I had to remove it.

good luck, John

In Response to: Epoxy prep for varnish by Doug Arndt on May 23, 2007



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