Re: Laszlo, your pirogue.

Posted by Laszlo on May 23, 2007


You could do that, but you wouldn't want to for various reasons. This style boat's strengths are ease of construction and light weight. It's fast to put together and easy to get to the water. Its major weakness is that it's designed for quiet water. It's basically a Louisiana Cajun swampboat. The hull shape works best for relatively slow speeds (about 3 mph). It also slaps when going through waves.

Once you start adding a deck, you're starting to approach the weight & construction complexity of a Mill Creek. If you're going to do that, you're much better off with a Mill Creek since it has a more seaworthy hull shape and you don't have to invent the deck support system.

If CLC were to make a pirogue kit, it wouldn't replace any of their canoes or kayaks in speed or seaworthiness. What it would bring to the table is a relatively cheap ($300 or so retail materials cost if built from plans), quick and easy to build boat which would work very well in quiet and protected waters.


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