There is a way......

Posted by Ken Leffert on May 23, 2007

It involves a lot of work, adds weight, and is generally not for sensible or rational builders..... that's probably why I did it on my boat 8-).

I built some small hatch coamings. They're okoume rings, like miniature versions of a cockpit coaming, that are epoxied to the deck and come up to the bottom of the hatch. With patience, they can be shaped to match the existing curvature of the hatch (you could put a flat hatch on a curved deck if you really wanted to), the sealing surface can be the surface where the hatch meets the coaming. I'll try to post a pic or two later tonight..... even though my boat is completely painted, they would have looked better varnished.

BUT..... if you look at the o-fest pictures put up by CLC, you'll notice some substantial mismatches in deck/hatch that still seal adequately. I bet your's would be just fine..... I did mine because I like the way it looks.

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