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Posted by Laszlo on May 23, 2007

Wow!! This is funny. With all those amazingly finished boats at Okoumefest, I never expected my beat-up pirogue to be noticed. Yes, that was my pirogue next to Fred's beautiful boat, but it never went near the CLC shop. It's my no-frills knock-about boat which I put together 5 years ago in 4 days while working a full-time job. Never been varnished, either.

The boat is 14 ft. long, design capacity is one paddler, up to 245 lbs. However, under good conditions, my wife and I routinely loaded it up to over 300 lbs with both of us and lunch and paddled many miles up and down the upper Patuxent River. So Ingrid, if you know what you're doing and the dog is well behaved, it should be no problem. But if she moves around quickly you could both be going for a swim. And if she jumps out, you can forget getting her back in until you get to the beach.

Rather than taking up room with longish descriptions of a non-CLC boat design (though almost all the materials came from CLC), I've included a link to my website which goes into great gory detail about the boat, including plans. Anyone who still has questions can email me at boatman at lmorocz dot com (usual substitutions to foil the spambots).

John Harris, maybe this is a product opportunity for CLC?


The Good Ship JohnCanoe

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