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Posted by Jim E on May 23, 2007

To address some of your other questions, Ingrid, a longer boat is slightly more stable laterally than a shorter one of the same width and weight, but you can get the same effect by adding an inch or two to the width. Stability is kinda-sorta proportional to beam cubed times length. It's a good idea to borrow your length, width, and rocker from other boats (all designers do it).

Here's one to get you started, A pirogue designed by Phil Bolger and Dynamite Payson has a 3-panel bottom, is 13' long, 2'4" wide and has about 6" of rocker - enough that the bottom panel comes slightly above water at the ends. If your pirogue is flat-bottomed, I would expect much less rocker than that, maybe 3" to 4".

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