Lazlo, your pirogue...

Posted by Ingrid H on May 22, 2007

Lazlo, I was enjoying the pictures of OkoumeFest and thought I saw your pirogue twice in the pictures. Once with you out on the water in it, and once next to Fred Steele's Best Kayak winner. I was going to make the MC 13 my next project but got thinking I'd rather build a boat I can bring my dog along in. I was wondering if maybe you could post a detail picture of how your gunwales and breasthooks all come together. Also, is it even practical to consider bringing a 70 lb. dog along in a 12' pirogue with a 24" floor (widest point measure)? She's a pretty excitable dog but afraid of water, so she may stay fairly inactive. What would be more stable, a 12x2 pirogue, or a 14x2 pirogue? I'm just winging this one. No plans, no plans to win any beauty contests- just a descent looking utilitarian boat. Speaking of no plans, any idea how much rocker I should be shooting for? I don't mean to put this all your your shoulders but figured I would address you since you were put in the spotlight as the pirogue paddler so recently. Everyone else is encouraged to put their $0.02 in as well! My cardboard model looks good, but before I cut the first panel, I figured I would consult the forum.



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