Re: Curvature of aft hatc

Posted by CLC on May 22, 2007

Couple of things.

First of all, even WE couldn't have managed to send you the wrong frames---all forward hatch frames are the same on CLC boats.

What you're seeing could be variation in deck camber (it's nominally 16 inches but sometimes varies based on your deck installation).

It could be that your hatch panels are a little stiffer, so they "sprung back" a little where they extend beyond the hatch frame. I think some of our showroom boats have this effect. The 1/2-inch rubber gasket easily soaks up the difference and they don't leak.

There's a trick I've employed to adjust the camber in hatches that are already built. You take a little sliver of wood out of the middle of each hatch frame, apply epoxy in the gap, and clamp the hatch at the new radius. It's uncanny; works every time.

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