Re: Fiberglass "Seam"

Posted by Mike on May 22, 2007

From what I've read in several books, it is not a good idea to put the extra strip under the main glass. The reason is, during the feathering process, it is very likely you will sand into the weave of the main piece thus breaking the fibers. Once the fibers are broken on the main piece, the glass has lost its structural strength in that area. It is much better to put the strip on top and then feather it (yes, you will sand/scrape into the glass a little, but no big deal as it is the edge of the piece) The use of a carbide paint scraper works well too. I was very timid im my scraping when I first started building, but now that I am almost done and have a little experience under my belt, I am much more agressive when feathering and have saved a lot of time and epoxy fill coats because of it!

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