Kurt's Response -- WOWEE

Posted by Kurt Maurer on May 21, 2007

I have a few things to say here:

1. Man, that Messabout was FUN! And get this -- all those big ol' (trailerable-class home built) sailboats were glued firmly to the ground, wisely staying put while the 35+ mph wind howled. But the guy who shows up with the little bitty teensy kayaks jumps right in and plays around like it's nothing. It was a good day to be an ambassador of kayaking.

2. I got to see this most interesting road show (even better than my own!): http://www.admiraldinghy.com/ . No comment, except to say that he was a ton of fun to talk to. Nothing like a colorful character, I always say...

3. And speaking of colorful characters, I got to visit Charlie Jones -- IN THE SHOP -- at last. All I can say is: when he talks, you might wanna listen. This guy does some seriously nice work!

What I mean specifically by that is that he understands boat building from an engineering standpoint, from a hull design standpoint, and from a very good old fashioned git-r-done standpoint, all equally well. I love it! Professionally good looking, STRONG, and slick boats that weigh the bare minimum... and don't take a million years to execute... my kind of builder.

I'm already doing several things better in my own shop after having hung out in his, even for as brief a time as I did. Thsnks for the inspiration, Charlie! Now, let's go hit Powderhorn Lake!!

Cheers, Kurt

Admiral Dinghy -- Why Not?

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