Re: Deck Beam in the way

Posted by CLC on May 21, 2007

On the Chesapeake 17 plans, the aft edge of the deckbeam is at 93" and the forward edge of the aft bulkhead is at 124". That's 31" for the coaming to fit between. The coaming is 30-3/4" so you've got an extra 1/4" to play with. The dimensions are good but you DO have to be alert when fitting the aft bulkhead and deckbeam. If you move the bulkhead (some do), you'll need to move the deckbeam as well or the coaming might not fit.

All that aside, I have been guilty myself of not watching that spacing, and discovered the deckbeam in my cockpit when I did the cutout. Shrugging, I just finished the cockpit out neatly and no one ever wondered why there was a little bit of deck crossing inside the coaming.

If it really bothered you, I think you could remove the deckbeam after the deck was fiberglassed. I've heard of plenty boats done that way and none of them have had any trouble.

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