Re: Deck Beam in the way

Posted by Woodie on May 20, 2007

My plans V2.1 (8/2002) don't mention the 1" ahead of the bulkhead. On my CH17 I lined the opening of the coaming up with the back of the front deck beam. The back of the coaming opening was only about 1/4" ahead of the rear bulkhead. On my wife's CH16 lining the coaming opening up with the back of the forward deck beam does leave about 1" between the rear of the coaming opening and the bulkhead. This made clamping the coaming in place a little difficult as I had to use 2 clamps instead of one in the center. So it sounds like mine came out just like yours. It paddles great. Go for it. I don't think it is worthwhile making a new coaming just to get the 1". The bigger coaming opening is probably better.

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