Re: Deck Beam in the way

Posted by Matt R on May 20, 2007

Hey All,

I'm awake this morning and was able to do some investigating. I remeasured my deck beam and according to the plans, the aft side of the beam is 93" from the bow. The rear bulkhead is also as specified in the plans at 124" from the bow. I then measured the template for the cockpit opening and it's 30.75" long (inside). The book recommends the rear of the cockpit to begin 1" from the bulkhead. So, 124" - 93" = 31" and if I add 1", I get about an extra inch over the deck beam. I think my plans are flawed. I wonder if this is corrected on newer plans. I guess I'm going to have to make the key hole a little smaller.

I feel like I'm getting so close, it looks like a kayak now! Hopefully I'll get it done in time to actally enjoy it in the nice weather.

- Matt

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