Skerry Upgrades

Posted by Southeast Alaska on May 15, 2007

These are some modifications I made to make the boat more suitable for rougher waters and single handed sailing.

Replace the plastic cleats with 5-inch bronze ones.

Install a sail track from Schaefer with track slides so you can drop everything when the need arises.

Run the 'snotter' through a pulley at the base of the mast back to where you sit and the same for the uphaul. Add two more cleats on the middle seat for this.

When sailing alone, put two sandbags up front on the floor to make it less tender and balanced.

I made a neoprene sock out of old waders as a boot for the mast step. This keeps it from rubbing and knocking around.

For the three frames, I drilled 1/2 inch holes and installed a dowel to act as a tie off.


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