Re: cartopping long boats

Posted by LeRoy on May 10, 2007

“Here's an interesting thought about cartopping - The forces experienced by a kayak moving at 70 mph through air are actually less than what it experiences moving through water at 12 mph. This is because both air & water are incompressible fluids, but water is much denser than air. Nature even demonstrates this by having sharks streamlined like supersonic fighters, even though a biplane can outrun them. It's all in the density of the medium.”

A more appropriate “natural” comparison of air vs water speed would be the fastest diving bird, a peregrine falcon 200+mph (depending on source) and a sailfish 65+mph, the fastest swimming fish.

Disclaimers aside, I’ll take 12mph on water over 70mph in air any day.

Here’s an interesting quote - "There are some ideas so wrong that only an intellectual could believe in them." — George Orwell :-)

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