Re: multiple epoxy brands

Posted by John Beck on May 9, 2007

Don, West System can be applied over cured System 3, but you can't mix West hardener with System 3 resin (not that you would).

A few things to remember with West System is that it leaves an amine blush which must be washed off with warm water and scotch bright pad before adding more epoxy, paint or varnish. You can recoat without amine blush removal if you recoat while the epoxy is still green (not fully cured, typically 1 to 2 hours when rolled on), but if you wait too long and recoat anyway, then you've got problems. It's safer to wait and wash off the amine blush before recoating. Also the West system 205 hardener will kick much faster than System 3. I believe also that West's slow hardener, 206, will kick faster than System 3. So if you are doing anything requiring a roller, be sure to have a few extras on hand, and work in small batches in a large container to extend pot life.

West System is great, but it takes a different mind set when working with it.

Hope that helps, John

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