Re: extra bulkheads in Tr

Posted by Chris Braman on May 8, 2007

I didn't listen to John's advice of 15-18in behind the rear bulkhead for a day hatch, because I didn't want to waste the space, so I made my extra bulkhead only 10 in. behind the rear bulkhead.

I think, somehow, I hadn't considered how much room the coaming would really take.

I've pushed my VCP hatch as far over and back as possible, but only ended up with about an inch between coaming and hatch cover. I feel like I can get my sprayskirt on and off ok, but I haven't had it in the water yet.

I'd feel much better if I'd made at least 12 in. between the rear bulkhead and the extra bulkhead. If I'd pushed the hatch back to that, I'd have almost 3 in. between the coaming and hatch cover.


In Response to: extra bulkheads in Triple by Russ Hall on May 8, 2007



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