Re: Touch Up Hull Paint

Posted by John Beck on May 8, 2007

Stan, Don't you just hate it when there's a little blemish after your third "last" coat! If they are on the bottom, don't worry about it.

Any touch up will look like a patch. I've done it the way you suggest, but it didn't look very good because you end up with the brush marks along the edge. It look like some just dabbed some paint on. I've had better luck by masking the area to be touched up (a uniform geometric shape at least looks planned), applying the paint and immediately removing the tape to soften the paint line. If the touch up spot is near an edge then mast to the edge to hide the transition. If there are 2 spots relatively close together then make it one patch. Since kayaks are quick and easy to sand and paint, it probably won't take much longer to do the whole hull.

I've taped paint that has cured overnight without a problem.

Good luck.

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