I paddled my

Posted by Charlie Jones on May 7, 2007

decked canoe just a week ago with a greenland paddle, and an experienced sea kayaker used one in my wife's boat Saturday. Our boats are almost the same as a MC 13 in deck shape, cockpit shape and size- thgey are 13 footers also.

It worked well for me- and worked especially well this saturday when we paddled in winds gusting above 30- MUCH less problem with the wind catching paddle blades. He had much less difficulty than I from wind. I normally use a paddle I built with a birdsmouth double tapered shaft and 4 mm Okume curved blades- it's 31 ozs and in strong winds, blows around a lot. I think I'll build a Greenland for use in those conditions for myself.

In Response to: Greenland Paddle? by Michael on May 6, 2007



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