why sand the first coat?

Posted by Charlie Jones on Apr 8, 2007

I assume you mean the first coat on the fiberglass? Put it on, let it tack and start laying in fill coats. Absolutely no reason to sand until that weave is filled. The intention is to fill the weave, so no need in taking some OFF before that happens.

Now if you are talking BEFORE the glass goes on, yes, I scrape nibs and bumps off and do a VERY fast, light sanding, JUST to be sure nothing will snag the cloth. NOT enough to even begin to sand the wood- I just want the glass to slide on the surface without snagging.

Also of course, if you''ve let the resin cure for a week or so, then sure, it needs some sanding. The trick is to glass and immediately do the fill coats, while the underlying resin is still "green" You get a MUCh better adhesion that way and no possiblity of blushing.

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