Re: HVLP gun

Posted by Laszlo on Apr 6, 2007

Never used a sprayer, but moving more volume at lower pressure is just a matter of increasing the orifice size to reduce the resistance (like filling the tub from the tap instead of the shower head).

Now whether that's a good thing for spraying paint & varnish is something that the spray gurus will have to address.

Joey makes a good point. With all the setup and cleanup time, spraying probably makes more sense for a commercial shop where they're going to be doing a lot of finishing, must have perfect results the first time each time and the setup & cleanup is a smaller percentage of the total labor than for a one-boat builder. I've seen Joey's boats in person and they're pretty much an automotive finish, so good results are definitely possible without a sprayer.


In Response to: HVLP gun by Jay on Apr 5, 2007



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