Am I missing a page?

Posted by Leah on Apr 1, 2007

So I'm reading the directions for the Passagemaker Dinghy before I take a single step, just like I'm supposed to. They are well written, casual and, most important, detailed. Until I get to page 19. All of sudden there is no information about HOW to make a stitch! They tell you how to drill the holes and then the next page is about installing the transom. I feel like I'm missing one of the most important points. HOW DO I MAKE A STICH? How do I know I'm stiching the hull together properly? How do I know what angle the different parts should be in relation to the other parts? How do I know what part to stitch to what part? Should I just return the whole package and get my money back? I can't even get through the directions!



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