I've run many miles

Posted by Charlie Jones on Apr 1, 2007

of fillet and tape since I first did it in 1976. I now always run the fillet and while that is still wet roll the tape into place. Then using a small brush, usually a 1 1/2 incher, stroke it smooth. It'll slowly stretch along it's length and start to take up epoxy from the wet fillet. Then I start at one end and add epoxy as needed, working to the other end.

Needless to say I pre cut it to length BEFORE I run the fillet, then roll the tape and set it close by. I do this on boats where I'm using multiple layers of tape also. Some of the ones I build call for three staggered layers.

You can pre wet it if you like, but to me it's an added, un necessary step and a messy waste of time.

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