Re: Which boat to build?

Posted by LeRoy on Mar 29, 2007


I took the Chester Yawl out for a fly fishing/rowing test so I may be able to help you.

As CLC said, the Wherry is “just a few steps up from a shell.” It’s a performance rowing boat... I wouldn’t try fly fishing from it.

For the pure joy of rowing the Chester Yawl is great... plus it now has a new sliding seat option. I would highly recommend it for an exercise rower.

On the negative side it lacked enough initial stability for me to comfortably stand while fly fishing... actually I wasn’t able to stand up in it at all. If you don’t mind sitting while fly fishing, this may be the boat for you. One other note, the standard seat is not fixed... your weight keeps it in place.

Hope this helps, LeRoy

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