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Posted by CLC on Mar 28, 2007

You only have to be off by a thirty-second to get an unfair spot in your line. It probably isn't possible with handtools to measure to within 1/32" on every point, and anyway we rounded all the offsets to the nearest sixteenth. So we want you to have an exact grouping of offsets, and then take the average of those with your batten. The closer the better. This is the way analog boatbuilding has been ever since they invented tape measures. Digital boatbuilding---with CNC machines---is different, but fairness still isn't automatic. Requires intuition on the part of the CAD engineer and you are stalked by the danger of garbage-in-garbage-out.

The old West River 180 was computer designed in about 1997, and the panel offsets derived from computer data, but I drafted the plans for Chris's book by hand simply because I still liked the look and feel of hand-drafting.

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