Re: coaming process

Posted by Tom S on Mar 8, 2007

Chris, I'm sorry to be such a chucklehead, but I want to make sure I understand what you're telling me. It looks in the photo like your spacers were one piece, rather than two piece like I have from the kit (a total of four identical half-spacers). If yours were two piece then in the photo you've already mated them at the center line and I just can't see the joint. But with the green masking tape around them, is the thickened epoxy already inbetween the two spacers? Or was this a dry fit up and you later took the tape off and added the goop? Did you have any problem with the spacers wanting to creep as they adapted to the curved surface of the boat? Did you have to go back and readjust any of the clamps or is there enough give in the spacers and boat deck to make it all work out?

Thanks again,

Tom in Cape Charles

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