Re: Flush Hatches

Posted by Garland on Mar 3, 2007

As I said, I am about to build my flush hatches, and I'd appreciate learning from the experiences of others.

When I was decking my MC16.5, perhaps I should have trimmed the deck closer first, because the straps I pulled the deck down with evidently caused the deck to hump up some toward the bow and stern. I didn't notice 'til too late.

So the deck radius varies. I've measured the radius at the location of the aft hatch; the forward end has a radius of about 29 inches, and the aft end is about 25.5 inches. It looks fine, but this complicates the forming of the flush hatch.

Has anyone else had this happen, and how did it affect your (if fitted) flush hatches ? It looks like I'll need to build a form with a varying radius.

Has the "1 inch less form radius to allow for springback" as advised by CLC been a good rule of thumb? What worries me is that once the "sandwich" is made, it would be very difficult to alter the result. A hatch formed by frames could be re done more easily.

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