Re: Wide Shearwater?

Posted by LeRoy on Feb 10, 2007

Lee and Andrew, thanks for your help. Im pretty well sold on the CLC product so I would rather wait until they develop what I want. It was during a trial of the Shearwater that a tall, reddish-haired guy who told me CLC would be releasing a wider Shearwater this year. After seeing his image scattered throughout this site I was hoping to get a yea, nay or maybe a release date without repeating what he may have told to me in confidence sorry.

Im 511 190lbs size 10.5 shoes which is right in the range that CLC aims their 17, but like Jon T, I found the fit too tight . Im currently involved in another build so Im in no hurry.

Any chance of seeing a wider Shearwater 17 this year?

In Response to: Re: Wide Shearwater? by Andrew Sommer on Feb 7, 2007



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