I'm back!!

Posted by J. Schott on Jan 20, 2007

I've been away for a while due to relocation to Maryland. It has been a looooong 2 month ordeal that I don't care to repeat any time soon. We moved to Waldorf Md. because my wife recieved a promotion and is 1 step away from her goal with Target. Turns out I got a promotion of sorts with my new job. So far the the move has been the spark I have needed to restore my drive.

All I need to do now is get my garage straight so I can get into another kayak project. I think Lisa is going to finally give me the green light to build her boat in the spring. We have a ton more places to go here than we did back in Va. So, all you Maryland paddlers, I need to start my list of places to paddle this season. Any suggestions? Need a paddling partner? I am looking forward to spending both days at O-fest this year, and bringing my family with me. I've always had to leave early and miss the sunday paddle.

Here's a funny story for ya'. We looked at over 50 houses during the buying process. We had our list of wants and needs, and we ended up in a great house. The trouble is I never took a tape measure with me. After we settled on the house, I came up to do some painting. This time I had my tape measure to plan out the kayak storage. My garage is 19x20 and we have three kayaks, two 17' singles and a double that is 21'long! All I could say to myself (explitives deleted) was "that figures!" I couldn't figure out a solution but my parents came to my rescue. It now resides in their basement 75' from the launch spot. I guess I just had too much info to remember to measure my intended kayak storage space. I won't do that again.

The new link to Shearwater Hybrid page is awesome! Seeing all the creative designs has really got the juices flowing. Next weekend is garage organization weekend. So, a new boat should be coming out of the "Schott Skunkworks" real soon.-Joey


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