Bulkhead Fit

Posted by Willy on Jan 15, 2007

Ok - so I snug-stiched together the hull panels on my Chessy 16, spread the beam to 23.5" (external to hull panels) and mounted it to sawhorses.

Upon trying to wire in the bulkheads at the designated distances (measuring to the aft of the bulkheads) I noticed that the bulkheads were considerably smaller than the internal dimensions of the boat (along the order of 1/2" on all sides). They fit fairly well if moved towards the bow/aft of the boat a couple of inches, but this cuts down on cargo area.

Do I mount them with the large gap assuming the fillet will "Fill-it"? Should I move them to a snug position? Should I order some plywood and cut new ones to fit?... help?

Thanks in advance!




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