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Posted by Alan Speakman on Oct 27, 2006

Hi all,

Ok, here's where the situation stands... Mr. Keesey (from the bamboo furniture/clothing company) just sent me an email... The text of that email follows between the lines of asterisks...

********** Hi Alan-

This all sounds very intriguing. Our raw materials are all from where the bamboo grows and not easily procured. If you have interested folks I could look into getting some strips of bamboo sent over to play with. The question remains about quantity and optimal length/width/thickness of the strips. Is there another type of boat made in this fashion we could base it on? Let me know what your research/calculations say.


Dan Keesey

EcoDesignz/Spun Bamboo 310.538.3051 office 310.351.6417 cell


If nothing else, we could get some (hopefully free) 0.25" thick strips; scarf them 10:1; and see what we've got...

Right now, I'm starting to think that Mr. Keesey wants to try to keep this somewhat local, (he's on the west coast).

Anyone with some experience with strip construction want to take this one? If not, I'll keep plugging.


P.S. Something tells me that this could get expensive for the average boat builder!!!

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