Re: bamboo strips?

Posted by Alan Speakman on Oct 26, 2006

Hi Charlie,

Well, that didn't take long... (And I guess I'm not the only night owl...) Anyway, here is the response from the bamboo experts, (in quotes and between the asterisks)... ******************************************* "Hello-

We have never seen one but it absolutely could be done. If one had a jig for canoes and built it up with strips of cured sanded bamboo (as we do for our furniture) it would be rather easy I think. Once encased in clear epoxy it would be one of the strongest and beautiful boats around. It wouldn’t need much internal framework, and what there was could be bamboo also. Sounds like a great project!


Dan Keesey EcoDesignz/Spun Bamboo 310.538.3051 office 310.351.6417 cell" ***********************************

Hope this helps!


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