Re: bamboo strips?

Posted by Charlie on Oct 21, 2006

Mike, The first post in this thread was about bamboo STRIPS. Let's not get into thread drift. All the postings above have examined every aspect of bamboo this and bamboo that. But, no bamboo stripper. I know that Fridjof Nansen had bamboo framed SOF's when he took his boat, Fram, into the Arctic ice in the 1890's. I know they even saved his life. I know the Norwegians have them in one of their museums. But none of that has gotten us a peek at a real live bamboo stripper. I hope this idea fades away before somebody stuffs a piece of bamboo into a table saw and either screws up the saw or hurts themselves or both.

In Response to: Re: bamboo strips? by Mike Hanks on Sep 26, 2006



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