Re: It's a TOUGH run

Posted by Doug Rhude on Oct 3, 2006

I must add, You have to finish with at least a piece of your boat, preferabely the bow, (It's got your boat # on it!). There was a young Marine that paddled all the way to the bay this year, & lost his boat at night in what seemed like a hurricane, 5mi. from the finish. I belive it was a 10-12ft. open canoe & no skirt, not the easist boat to paddle 260mi. in!(not enough floation I'm guessing). Heart breaking to see someone put out all that effort to end up disqualified. I hope he's not so disappointed that he won't be back next year, with a better boat!(he was eyeballin' the wooden boats, so there's hope!) Kurt, missed 'ya this year! Heard you were running amuck across the country! Sounds like a blast! You'd be surprised at the conversations one has with the "tree people" or even a friendly passing log!(If the "log" is passing you, you're either going the wrong way or...It's a 'Gator!) Doug Rhude, Happy Paddlin'

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