ok- we spray ZSpar 2015

Posted by Charlie Jones on Sep 26, 2006

our varnish of choice here on the Texas coast.

We thin just enough to get a good "laydown". You have to experiment on another surface. Add thinner in VERY small increments until it's right. Your pro guy will know what's "right". The amount of thinner will vary depending on temperature so it's impossible to tell you exactly.

We laydown a thin but wet coat and go away. If it doesn't look right, wipe it off and redo it. Let it cure for at least 12 hours, more in cooler weather, sand it and shoot the next coat.

The boat in the picture was sanded between coats to 320 dry and I think it got 4 coats. On larger boats like that I simply would not have time to wet sand. I get an excellent finsh without it anyway.

On that particular boat I got pushed for time and we shot the final coat of varnish at 0300 in the morning.

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