Re: Varnish?

Posted by TIm on Sep 25, 2006

Don't be taking advantage of my tax dollar to support your habits! (JK - go for it!)

I have heard just the opposite of varnish. How hard it is to apply and get right. (I never varnished anything b/4 in my life, and I think you could put my boat in a museum!)

A buddy of mine sears up and down that if you use an automotive clear coat, that would be way better than time tested and true varnish. Wellllllllllll........ (never got a really sound conclusion to that one. However, living in Minne-SNOW-ta, those car finishes sure take a pretty good beating! How it takes to adhearing to epoxy?????)

I ain't got the energy to debate. Whatever floats your boat, I say go for it!

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