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Posted by John Beck on Sep 25, 2006

Alan, I've got a Garmin GPS MAP 76, but I'd recommend the newer color version (76C) for easier map reading. I highly recommend that you get something with map plotting (what good is knowing your lat/lon without a reference?). It's great for kayaks since it's waterproof (really), it floats, and runs on 2 AA alkaline batteries that can be quickly replaced. I made a triangular foam holder held down by deck bungee that the GPS snuggly fits into (attach the unit to a bungee as well so it won't be swept off the deck). It's triangular to tilt the display toward you for easier reading.

Since the user's manual is essentially worthless on how to use it, I recommend "GPS for Mariners" by Robert J. Sweet to learn how to get the most of the unit.

I have yet to to purchase the "bluechart" detailed navigational charts for my area (hint to wife for X-mas gift). I still get all navigational aides, but the shoreline is not very detailed so I find myself paddling on land alot of the time (very hard work, and tough on the bottom paint. I've worn my paddle down to a nub!). But it still tracks your route that you can download at home to see that, in fact, you were really in the water.

Since I don't have Bluechart, I use to get maps that I can copy and paste into a Word document for printing and bringing along. This doesn't allow download to GPS, but the cursor provides lat/long for manual input of key waypoints.

You'll be amazed at what it can do when you get it figured out.


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