Re: bamboo strips?

Posted by Charlie on Sep 24, 2006

I just did a "bamboo" search in the archives of a stripbuilding kayak site. The site has well over 80,000 postings in total and I got nearly 200 hits. The hits went from the present back to 1997. The postings talked about what a good idea bamboo kayaks were and how various posters had seen bamboo flyrods, bamboo framed tents, bamboo beds, bamboo flooring, and even bamboo bongs. So, why not a bamboo kayak? Well, in all of the hundreds of discussions I riffled thru' NOBODY had ever seen a bamboo kayak,or a picture of a bamboo kayak or a web site that had info about bamboo kayaks either strip or SOF. One guy posted a web address that was supposed to have the answers but, those that plowed thru' the web site said "nothin' there dude!". I would take this absence of concrete information suggest that there is some big-time hang-up with the bamboo kayak idea. Got no idea what that problem is but, I think the guy who tackles the problem will miss many seasons of paddling while he tries to figure it out.

In Response to: bamboo strips? by mark lander on Sep 1, 2006



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