Re: Epoxy over Veneer?

Posted by J. Schott on Sep 24, 2006

Katherine, I can understand your reasoning behind not glassing the deck. CLC started including deck glass in thier kits a few years back to address possible durability problems, especially in the hull/deck joint area. I know that you have been at this a looong time, but there are ways around your temperature dilemma.

A while back, last winter to be exact, I wrote a post about my epoxy troubles and how I solved them. My solution was to stop trying to heat the air, which was causing adhesion problems, and to heat the kayak surface itself. I could only get the temp in my garage up to 65 and it would take 2 days for the epoxy to cure. I ended up buying 4 cheap lamps with reflectors and stringing them up on a 2x4 above the boat. I adjusted the distance of the lamps above the boat to get the surface temp to an acceptable level. After that, the epoxy was curing in 3-4 hours.

As for the problem of glassing around the hatch rims and coaming. Tape up what you don't want the glass on, cut the cloth with a razor knife at the tape and remove the excess cloth with the tape. Do this when the epoxy is slightly tacky to the touch and cut lightly. This technique can also be used on the hull/deck overlap and it makes feathering in much easier.

Kurt, thanks for the "King" comment. I'll be entering the strip world as soon as we get our relocation done. Looks like we are moving to the "Land of the Crabcake" soon. Just waiting for all the chips to fall and we'll be in Lazlo's back yard. But seriously, I had to take off my hat because you made my head swell. Don't do that again, my wife's begging you!-Joey

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