Re: Epoxy over Veneer?

Posted by Kathrine on Sep 24, 2006

I originally didn't glass the deck because of weight. Now I'm avoiding it because I would have to glass around the cockpit and's no longer an even, nicely curved surface. Besides, I've done a pretty good job finishing the hull-deck joint, and glassing the deck would basically nullify that. The other reason I'm trying to avoid it at this point is it will add another whole year to this project. I have a very short building season (we had a total of about 65 days without snow this "summer"), I work a ton, and I'm not spending every free minute working on the yak. I like to take advatage of all the nice weather I can to go camping, hiking, and get out on the river in my other boat (a 14' self bailing raft). I did managed to spend about 15 of my 20 days off this summer on the water, but that was 15 days NOT spent working on the yak. I was planning on varnishing and being done either this fall or first thing next summer. If I glass the hull, it will be well into late next summer or even the following summer before I'm done. Of course, a heated work area would solve my problem

Anyways, thanks for all your input. I will weigh my deck options and let you know what I end up doing.

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