Re: Epoxy over Veneer?

Posted by Laszlo on Sep 24, 2006


What Joey said.

I've built boats with and without glass. Based on those experiences, I would never leave one that uses wood as thin as the CLC kayaks unglassed, even if I was going to then paint it. You might be able to get away with it for a while, but someday something is going to happen again.

It may be something falling on the deck, it may be the boat falling again. Or it could be as slow and insiduous as the thin wood flexing over and over and opening up fatigue micro cracks in the paint, which then let in the water and start the rot process.

Even a thin layer of glass would stop all this. It provides abrasion and impact resistance and stiffens the wood.

If you're worried about the difficulty, glassing the deck is a lot easier than glassing the hull was. The deck is a nice simple curve compared to the hull curves, so the glass sits better and doesn't develop the wrinkles and folds. And since you've already had the prectice of glassing the hull, that experience will make the process easier.

Good luck with whatever you choose,


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