Epoxy over Veneer?

Posted by Kathrine on Sep 23, 2006

I'm still in the process of repairing the holes in my deck, but I think the patches will work out OK. The biggest hold-up is the weather. I do not have a heated work space and I'm pushing the temperature limits of the epoxy. It's below freezing at night and only in the 40's-50's during the day, so it takes DAYS between epoxy coats before they are hard enough to sand. Geez, there was even 2 inches of snow on the groung last week! I'll keep you all posted.

At this point I'm thinking of ways to use a design to hide the scars. Paint would be the easiest fix, but I really want to keep the natural wood grain finish. Rather than paint, I'm leaning towards using a veneer overlay design to hide the patches. My big question is can I just put several coats of epoxy over the veneer and then varnish, or would I have to fiberglass over the veneer? I did not fiberglass the deck in the first place and I really don't want to. If I have to fiberglass over veneer overlay, I will definitely go with a painted design.



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