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Posted by mike noeske on Sep 23, 2006

The standerd (i forget what it is at the moment) that they use to classify a GPS as waterproof, seems to be subject to interpatation. States that the unit shall remain funtionable after being submersed in 3 meters of water for 30 minutes. With the GPs at just the right position, with the container slowly filled with water, sure its waterproof. I have had two "waterproof" Magellan sportrak color, neither has ever been "submerged", paddle splashed and rained on but never submerged. Both had water seepage into the battery compartment, same locations, and corroded out the terminal. The first one happend just at the end of the 12 month warranty, they said to send it in and they would repair it for free. I did, they did, sent me some neat accesories for free. (I bought #2 to use while #1 was being repaired). Got #1 back used it for awhile, got caught in a rain storm and it died. Now it will stay powered up as long as the "backlight" is on, when that goes out the GPS shuts itself off. The battery terminal on #2 corroded away at about 13.5 months Magellan said to send it in and they would give me a "quote" on what it would cost to fix it. Tried to explain that I had 2, both developed the same problem with seepage, that I already sent one it to be fixed, and it developed problems and told them that their GPS are not really waterproof. They gave me the line that they are waterproof to watever spec they use, and to send it in for a quote.

I bought a GARMIN.

I have used the waterproof carring cases CLC sells for the Magellan's, but on the deck of a kayak in the middle of Summer in Fla the temps in that sealed case probably gets over 120f easy. Figure the extreme heat would be worse than some splashing. Also when in the case any moisture inside it just fogged up the case. With the Garmin I use one of those waterproof plastic envelopes with the thing that clamps and seals the end. I can get almost all the air out before sealing, so no fog.

Off my soap box now.


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