Re: Kayak and GPS

Posted by Laszlo on Sep 23, 2006

eTrex Legend.

At home I use National Geographic Topo to generate waypoints and download them into the GPS.

On the water I use the navigation page & Course Deviation Indicator (CDI). The map is too small to be useful and I'm very comfortable with the CDI from using it navigate aircraft. It's easy for non-pilots to learn to use, too, and it's more accurate steering than a map.

The trip computer page is also useful for gauging when it's time to turn around and not get locked in by the rangers.

If I spot something of interest, I mark it as a waypoint and upload it to the computer when I get home. Then I can map it to my heart's content.

Doing it this way, all I have on the boat is a cell phone-sized unit and spare batteries. Everything fits in one of those waterproof GPS/cell phone cases that CLC sells, so no need to get a fully waterproof GPS. All the big, heavy expensive things (computers, cables, etc.) stay at home.

If I really need a map, I print one out at home (with waypoints marked) and bring it along in one of those waterproof chart cases (also sold by CLC).

My philosophy is to go light, use the simplest system and be prepared for them all to fail anyway. The eTrex Legend lends itself very well to that.


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